Ruby Chocolate: The Jewel-Toned Treat Taking the Chocolate World by Storm

Ruby Chocolate

The Jewel-Toned Treat Taking the Chocolate World by Storm

Forget everything you know about chocolate. Step aside, milk, dark, and white – there’s a new player in town, and it’s blushing pink. Ruby chocolate, unveiled in 2017 by Swiss chocolate giant Barry Callebaut, isn’t just a new color, it’s a whole new taste sensation. But what exactly makes this ruby red chocolate so unique?

A Berry Burst in Every Bite: Unlike its cocoa-based counterparts, ruby chocolate is made from specially processed ruby cocoa beans. These beans, found in Ecuador, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast, naturally possess a vibrant pink hue and a distinct berry fruitiness. No artificial colors or flavors are added – the magic happens naturally during processing.

A Flavor Revolution: The first bite of ruby chocolate is unlike any other. It’s not sweet like milk chocolate, nor intensely bitter like dark. Instead, it delivers a smooth, creamy texture with a delightful balance of sweet and tart berry notes. Imagine a fusion of white chocolate and raspberry sorbet, with a touch of floral complexity. It’s playful, elegant, and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Beyond the Bar: Ruby chocolate’s versatility is another reason for its growing popularity. Chefs and chocolatiers are using it to create innovative desserts, mousses, ganaches, and even savory applications. Its pink hue adds a touch of whimsy to plated desserts, while its unique flavor profile complements a variety of fruits, spices, and even cheeses.

Sustainable Indulgence: Barry Callebaut is committed to sourcing ruby cocoa beans sustainably, partnering with farmers to ensure ethical and environmentally responsible practices. This commitment to sustainability adds another layer of appeal to this already exciting new chocolate.

The Future of Chocolate? Ruby chocolate is still young, but its future looks bright. With its unique flavor and vibrant color, it’s already captured the hearts (and taste buds) of chocolate lovers worldwide. Whether enjoyed in a bar, incorporated into decadent desserts, or used to push culinary boundaries, ruby chocolate is a delicious reminder that the world of chocolate is always evolving, offering new experiences and surprising delights.

So, the next time you’re looking for a chocolate adventure, ditch the familiar and embrace the ruby revolution. You might just discover your new favorite treat

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